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Ariane - New York

Because of my mindset, I was attracted to jobs that took advantage of me & I couldn’t set boundaries. Before I started with Monica, I was in constant fear and worry. I was scared to make any decisions to make my life better because I'm not from the US and I didn't feel like I could say yes to opportunities. 

Now, I'm not worried about money all the time and I left my boss to start my own thing. Before our calls, I was worried about how working with her would go. I've worked with other people before, but it was so impersonal. I felt like there was no connection and that I wasn't seen. Working with Monica, I always felt like she was listening.

My favorite part was the constant email contact. It was so nice to email her anytime I had questions, when I was worried about something in my life, or when I just wanted to talk. I would recommend Monica to anyone who is struggling with changing their mindset because I actually got something out of working with her. She'll be there for you when you need her.

Bradie - California

I was hesitant before I started with Monica because I didn't know if she was there because she wanted to help or just to be paid. But, I could tell she was actually listening. Throughout our conversations, I felt like she was genuinely invested in our time together.  When I disclosed personal events that happened in my life, her response was so genuine and respectful. To me, that's a testament to someone who takes what they do seriously. I loved how she asked thought-provoking questions. She did a good job of not accepting my surface-level answers and making me go deeper.  When I started with Monica, I thought my main goals were to be more organized and check off more boxes. By the end of our time, I found it was more important to be mindful of my needs and prioritizing what was actually important in my life. I appreciate all of her questions and helping me organize my own thought process. Since working with her, I've learned to say no and set boundaries for myself. It's ok to say no to even family and to put my own needs first.

Kim - Missouri

For most of my life, my focus has been solely on weight loss. Monica helped me see how superficial my issue with my weight really was. She reminded me of how much control over my life (and future) I actually have. If we had only focused on my weight loss, I'd still be stuck. She helped me realize the weight loss was a distraction that kept me from working on my dreams. My biggest transformational session came when she asked me to define who I was. I labeled myself as inconsistent, among other negative things, because of my many weight loss attempts and failures, but she helped me see that though I hadn’t been consistent at weight loss, I had been consistent in many other areas of my life. And I could transition that to weight loss, given I change my motives. She pointed out that weight loss, though it consumed most of my thoughts, was a very small part of my life. Monica helped me to look internally past the external surface stuff, to what was really important. She took the time to truly get to know my story and identify what was valuable. I was so familiar with my story that I was only able to see the places where I “could have, should have, would have” done something better. She took the time to hear everything and pulled out the positive aspects that I’d so easily overlooked. Instead of letting me continue to believe what I'd been telling myself for decades, she helped me construct new and positive things to say to myself that was closer to the truth. I wasn’t just a dollar, a client or a review to her. I could tell that she actually wanted to help. I felt like Monica honestly cared about me. I could hear the excitement in her voice when I would report my progress each week which proved that she was just as excited about what I was doing. She has a saying, “Rising tides lift all boats,” and I now use that saying too. I’ve grown so much from our session, and I would definitely recommend working with her to anyone who’s stuck. I was blocked for years. I know which way is up now when I didn’t even know there WAS an up. I was so unhappy and stuck in the beginning, that I didn’t think she could help or should take me on as a client. But she was up for the challenge, and I’m so glad that she was. She brought me out of a very dark place and reintroduced me to life. I’m living intentionally now. I have purpose. So, if you’re wondering if this can actually help, let me assure you that it can. And I know that you can be better because I’ve taken the same journey. As long as you’re ready to do some work and take charge of your life, she can help get you there. She won’t fix your life for you, but she will definitely show you how you can improve it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Krista - California

Before working with Monica, I felt stuck and unfulfilled in life. I had doubt and excuses that were holding me back from reaching my goals. After my first call with Monica, I knew she was someone who could help me get out of my own way. Monica helped work through my self doubt and perfectionism so that I can show up better in business and in life. I loved working with Monica, she actually helped me work through my struggles and I never ended a call without a few ah ha moments. I cannot recommend Monica enough!

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Monica Frederick

I help millennial women take their unique skills, knowledge & passion to find fulfilling work so they can stop feeling stressed, anxious and burnt out.

I use a 4-Step process in my Find Your Purpose program that will take you through getting crystal clear on what's actually important to you first so you can be truly fulfilled in your work and aligned with your purpose.

By going through these 1-on-1 sessions, you'll avoid the wrong path because you've taken the time to find what you're truly meant for. THEN we'll create a clear plan of action, so you don't waste time and money on trial-and-error things you're not actually aligned with.

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