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Get ready to meet the person with the answers to all your questions...

How do I know if I’m doing the right thing?

Should I stay in this relationship?

Do I need to get a different job?

I’ve been working on this dream for so long! How do I make it happen for myself?

Despite the millions of books, podcasts, courses, etc., that say otherwise, only one person can answer these questions for you. 


More specifically, the future version of you that has accomplished everything you want to accomplish in a way that aligns with your values.

Your Higher Self

Connecting with your Higher Self everyday is like having your personal mentor in your back pocket.

Having crystal clear clarity on who you want to become and what you want to accomplish keeps you from spinning in decision fatigue. 

Anytime a difficult decision comes up, checking in with your Higher Self is like fast-tracking past the wishy-washy thoughts like, “Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have done that,” or “Should I have done the other thing instead??

Visualizing your Higher Self daily is a practice of checking with your intuition and building trust in yourself. 

The answer is always within you.

You’ve just got to be willing to listen to your own wisdom. 

There are many ways to craft your Higher Self

You can free journal about who you think your Higher Self is in a stream-of-consciousness style.

But if a blank page brings up writer’s block, I’ve created a free guide using astrology to simplify the process.

This free guide is designed to use the framework of Astrology to introduce you to the future version of yourself that embodies your best qualities.

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Astrology gives a simple framework to visualize your Higher Self because of the way each planet breaks up different parts of the human experience. Use this How to Craft Your Higher Self in Four Steps guide to use that frame work to meet your Higher Self.

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