You want to look back on your life knowing you've made a difference. And your corporate job isn't helping with that.

Buuuut, you also don't want what to do instead.  Not to mention, your job is paying the bills, has good benefits and a title that gets respect from your friends and approval from mom and dad.

So, you're stuck because you don't want to give up the hard work it took to land your corporate job without knowing for sure that a different path fill make you feel fulfilled.

I totally get it, and I've got a FREE guide that will clear that confusion.

After completing this guide, you'll be clear on what’s truly important to you to take the right next step from here and start down your path to a more fulfilling life. Nothing's worse than starting something you think you'll love, only to find out later you made a mistake!

What you'll Learn in this Guide

  • How to create an action plan for if your worst fears about changing your life come up
  • How to find what's actually important to you (and why it's critical to know that before researching new jobs or business ideas)
  • How to decide if you just need a new hobby, a new career at a different company or to go out on your own and start a business​​

How you can use this 

This ain't your ordinary PDF! This is an interactive guide, meaning there will be parts for you to journal and explore your thoughts. 

You can either print this out, or grab your favorite journal. Either one is totally fine. What's important is answering honestly and digging deep.

Created by me, Monica Frederick

I'm the host of the Imperfection with Intention podcast and Midwesterner.

I help millennial women apply their skills, knowledge & passion to find more fulfilling work so they can stop feeling burnt out, anxious, and overwhelmed.