It's time to believe in yourself again!

How many times have you thought about starting something... buuuut said, "I could never do that" before you even tried? Or have you tried to lose weight, save money, meditate or anything but gave up because you believe you "just can't figure it out"?

These are limiting beliefs  that just AREN'T true. The only way they're true is if you let them be!

I know, that sounds easier said than done, that's why I created the ULTIMATE guide to help you bust those beliefs once and for all. 

What you'll Get in this free Guide

  • Intro into what limiting beliefs are and how they're formed
  • Journal exercises to identify and explore your own beliefs
  • Guides on how to turn your belief into your strength (with real life examples)
  • Sections on how your limiting belief is actually only about a small part of your life (and how you've blown it up!)
  • Guides on how to create new and EMPOWERING beliefs about yourself (and how that leads to your identity)
  • What to do with your new empowering identity and how to make it come alive every single day.

How you can use this 

This ain't your ordinary PDF! This is an interactive guide, meaning there will be parts for you to journal and explore your thoughts. If you're on your a computer, you can start typing! If you want to fill this out on your iPad or iPhone, simply save this doc to iBooks or use a PDF reader to type. Same for Android users. Or get old school! Feel free to print this and get to writing or grab your favorite journal!

Created by me! Monica Frederick

I'm a certified life coach, host of the Imperfection with Intention podcast and Midwesterner. I teach women how to live a fulfilling life in three steps: mastering self-discovery, setting aligned goals and taking daily inspired action.