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Hi! My name is Monica Frederick.

I write essays about mythology and self-development, and working on my first novel BOUND FOR THE HORIZON about the real nomads that inspired the myths of the Amazon Warrior Women.



I used to keep my toes in line. I had the corporate career I was supposed to have. I didn't let myself get too "nerdy" with my interests in history, mythology, and self-development in case I looked weird.

Valuing being nice and palatable meant I cut out the parts of my personality I thought were undesirable to make myself fit into other people's expectations.

Being scared to look weird stopped me from taking action on my dreams because I couldn't stand the idea of making people around me uncomfortable with how creative and ambitious I was. So, I was nice, people-pleasing, and lying to everyone AND myself.

I've since learned to unapologetically spend time on what fascinates me: self-development, history, and mythology. That's what I write about today.



A Rewriting Myth short story featuring Echo from Greco-Roman mythology telling her story in her own words.

Echo from Ovid’s Metamorphoses (Greco-Roman Mythology) My foot freezes above the broken twig. He knows I’m following him now. My stomach twists. What if he calls out? “Is anyone there?” Narcissus asks. Oh, please, don’t. Just this once.  “Anyone there?”…

If you’ve ever felt lost, it might be because you’ve focused on being what people expect you to be — a good and nice person. Being nice is always about making other people comfortable (A.K.A. people-pleasing). It’s telling them what they want…

Learn how to start a Gratitude Journal that actually works and see the positive impact that it makes on your life! In this post, read my gratitude journal ideas and DIY your own gratitude journal. #thankfulness #practicingGratitude #journaling #healthyhabits #dailyhabits #dailyroutines

I know you’ve heard it before, “Remember what you’re grateful for”. Or, maybe you’ve heard about some of the awesome benefits practicing gratitude has. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “yeah Monica, I’ve tried that, but it doesn’t work” but stick…


If you would like infrequent thoughts, tips, news and love notes from me feel free to join my newsletter!

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